Disability Access Policy

Disability Access

If you have any special needs please let our staff know so that we can help you, and also ensure you get the same support in the future.


Wheelchair access

The Practice has been specially designed to make it easier for disabled patients to visit; patients also have access to a disabled toilet.

Image of smiling child in wheelchair

Neurodivergent or Autistic - Learning Disabilities

If you are neurodivergent or autistic, you can ask the professionals working at your GP practice to make some adjustments to help you access your appointment. It might be a good idea to tell the receptionist so that they can record these on your GP record. An example of a helpful adjustment could be:

  • having a digital alert added to your GP record so that staff will now how best to support you 
  • being sent a reminder text of your appointment
  • having your appointment booked during a quieter time of the day
  • seeing the same Dr or nurse (where possible) on each visit
  • asking for a written list (bullet point) about what to do next (e.g. after your appointment)
  • requesting your appointment via email
  • being allowed to wait for your appointment outside or in a quieter place
  • being told how long you will be waiting to be seen
  • being provided with a brief summary of what you talked about in your appointment to help you remember 
  • bringing any regulatory supports in to the appointment with you (e.g. fiddles, ear defenders, sunglasses)
  • asking the GP, nurse or staff member to slow down their rate of speech
Image of Blue Badge sign on wall

Disabled parking – Blue badge scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme is for people with severe mobility problems. It allows Blue Badge holders to park close to where they need to go.

For more information and an Application Form visit your local council office.

Loop system

We have a loop induction system at Reception to assist the hearing impaired. For more information on the loop hearing system visit Hearing Link website.

Image of Loop System
Image of blind lady

Blind/partially sighted

If you or your family members are blind or partially sighted we can give you a CD or large print of our Practice leaflet upon request. Please ask our staff for further information.

For more advice and support for blind people please visit the following websites:

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are welcome at the Practice but we ask that you be aware of other patients and staff who may have an allergy or fear of dogs.


Please visit the guide dog website for further information.

Image of dog helping blind lady walk